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Bridal Club Magazine

Monthly Archives: November 2011

7 Tips for your Outdoor Wedding Reception

You're getting married soon? Congratulations! Taking this big leap would certainly change your life in a way you can never imagine and since you'll be doing this with your one true love, you cannot help but feel overly excited and ecstatic about it.

A Bride's Legal Options for Changing Her Name

If you're soon to get married then you are probably asking yourself the same question that all new brides face at this time: should I take my husband's name? The answer is, it's entirely up to you.

How to Ask Your Family to Contribute to Your Wedding

Traditionally in this country, it is the bride's parents who pay for the wedding event. However, times have changed and now many grooms want to contribute to the financial aspect of the affair.

A Guide to 2012 Wedding Dresses

If you are getting wed next spring then this fall is the time of year to start choosing your wedding dress. The latest styles have just arrived at all the wedding boutiques and you can get your hands on the hottest trends quite literally as they come in through the door.